Yale Project 8 Group

Karsten M. Heeger (PI)

Professor of Physics
Director of Yale Wright Laboratory


Karsten is the principal investigator of the Yale P8 group. He directs local activities and is a member of the P8 institutional board and senior management team.

Penny Slocum

Assoc. Research Scientist
Simulation Lead


Penny is coordinating all simulation work done within the P8 collaboration. She is leading the effort to validate the Phase III concept through simulation campaigns and is helping to build the computing framework for simulations and analysis.

James Nikkel

Research Scientist
Design Lead


James is the design lead for the P8 Phase III CRES demonstrator. This includes designing the vacuum and cryogenic systems as well as coordinating the integration of all other internal and external subsystems.

Pranava Teja Surukuchi

Post-Doctorate Associate


Pranava works on Phase III simulations, focusing on reconstruction of electrons using multi-channel summation. He is also an operator for the experiment’s data taking campaigns.

Luis E. Saldaña

Ph. D. Student

(203) 436-9287
Luis works on the analysis of signal identification and classification using machine learning methods, including deep learning. He is also an operator for the experiment’s data taking campaigns.

Arina Bykadorova Telles

Ph. D. Student


Arina works on Phase III simulations, in particular on modeling the micro-strip antenna design to optimize the engineering design.

James Wilhelmi

Mechanical Engineer


James is designing the mechanical support structure for Phase III. He provides engineering expertise for all other aspects of the P8 design as well.

External Collaborators

  • Case Western Reserve University:
    Dr. L. Gladstone, Prof. B. Monreal (PI), Y-H. Sun
  • Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics:
    Dr. S. Doeleman (PI), Dr. J. Weintroub
  • Johannes Gutenberg Universitat, Mainz:
    Prof. S. Böser (PI), C. Claessens, A. Lindman
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology:
    Dr. T. Thümmler (PI)
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:
    Dr. Kareem Kazkaz (PI), Dr. Lucie Tvrznikova
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
    N. Buzinsky, Prof. J. A. Formaggio (spokesperson; PI), J. Johnston, Dr. V. Sibille, E. Zayas
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:
    E. C. Finn, Dr. M. Guigue, A. M. Jones, Dr. B. H. LaRoque, Dr. N. S. Oblath (PI), J. R. Tedeschi, Dr. B. A. VanDevender (PI)
  • Pennsylvania State University, State College:
    Prof. L. de Viveiros (PI), Dr. T. Wendler
  • University of Washington:
    A. Ashtari Esfahani, R. Cervantes, Prof. P. Doe, Prof. M. Fertl, E. Machado, Dr. E. Novitski, Dr. W. Pettus, Prof. R. G. H. Robertson (PI), Prof. L. J. Rosenberg, Prof. G. Rybka

    Collaboration List on main Project 8 website can be found here